Damien Rice at Cirque Royal – 26/10/2014



The Irish singer-songwriter Damien Rice hasn’t been in Belgium since 2006 and it has taken 8 years  to bring out a new album which will come out in a few days. Now he is back on tour, he has done some dates in America already and since last week he is back in Europe, last Sunday he was in Belgium and I was there too. I remember the song 9 Crimes all too well, I loved it so much when it was just released so I was curious to see him live, other favourites of mine are Cannonball, Volcano, The Blower’s Daughter, Elephant and The Rootless Tree. Not only did I want to see him because of that and his talent, it was also because I had read that he is an artist that you have to have seen at least once in your life, naturally this gig was sold out within 30 minutes, I was amazed by that. Thirdly, I wanted to see the singer who has inspired Ed Sheeran to become a singer, which I’m very thankful for, thanks Damien.

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Music tip: Saint Raymond

Saint Raymond is a British singer-songwriter from the UK, Nottingham to be specific and I have seen him play last year alone as a support act for Gabrielle Aplin in Belgium. Now this year I have seen him play with a band who are great by the way as a support act for Ed Sheeran’s Ireland, UK and European tour. After the gig he said hello to as many people as he could and I told him how much he had grown music wise and that I really liked his set, that I liked him last year and this year even more. He said thank you very much and I honestly do really like his musis, someone near me said he and his band sound a bit like The Kooks but I prefer his music. His real name is Callum but they call themselves Saint Raymond.

The pictures beneath are from last year when he was Gabrielle Aplin’s support act.

IMG_1314 IMG_1316



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