Kodaline is back with new music!



If someone asked me who my favourite band is, it would probably be the Irish lads who form Kodaline, they broke through with their debut single All I Want about two years ago and their debut album is called In A Perfect World. Now they are back with new music, hurray! Today they debuted their first single of the second album Coming Up For Air on BBC Radio 1 which is called Honest.

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Favourites of November

I know it’s a bit late but I have been busy these last days so here are my favourites from November, there aren’t many but I’ll tell them anyway.

TV Shows:

The Vampire Diaries


Since Netflix is in the country (which was end of September), I have been using it quite a lot (read: lots of binge watching). Since I finished Teen Wolf a few weeks ago, I started watching The Vampire Diaries, it’s a TV show that I know is very popular but it was always on my ‘still to watch’ list and a friend of mine kept saying I should really watch it so just like Teen Wolf, I decided to watch the pilot first. It didn’t immediately sparked my interest like Teen Wolf did but after a few episodes, I did get into it. I like it and I think my favourite character so far is Damon Salvatore. I won’t really explain what it’s about since so many know and watch it but as IMDB says it, it’s about a teenage girl Elena (Nina Dobrev) who is torn between two vampire boys Stefan & Damon. I’m at season 2 now and I’m looking forward to see more, I try to watch at least one episode a day. Netflix Belgium has 3 seasons of TVD so far by the way because they don’t have the license yet of the other seasons so hopefully they will be able to update it soon before I have finished watching season 3.

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New Cinderella movie!


As a big Disney fan, I got quite excited when I saw there was another Disney movie coming up, a movie like they did with Maleficent this year. This time they did a remake of the classic fairytale story Cinderella, who is played by Lily James. I watched the trailer and I love it, the blue dress that Cinderella wears at the ball is so pretty and how awesome is it that Helena Bonham Carter (who is brilliant by the way) will be portraying the Fairy Godmother? It looks like she’ll be giving a hilarious touch to that character. I’m looking forward to see it! Read more