Emma Watson and her Lancôme projects

EmmaWatsonLancome2Look at that, so gorgeous! Source: tumblr


I think most of you know that Emma Watson has already been the face of LancΓ΄me Midnight TrΓ©sor perfume but now she has several LancΓ΄me projects. She is promoting Blanc Expert Derm-Brystal and UV Expert BB Complete which is a whitening serum. I have no words for how gorgeous she looks once again. She is simply a role-model for women, beautiful in the inside and in the outside. No further comments.


Beneath a behind the scenes video, why are you so stunning Emma? The video was released by Elle Taiwan.



Photo credits: http://www.watsonportal.net/gallery/

Furthermore, she also made a campaign for a LancΓ΄me lipstick and nailpolish. According to http://emma-watson.net/ The Rouge in Love line of lipstick and nail polish will be available at Selfridges in February. Β We get to see digital ads also around that time.


Two photos that we have already


Photo credits: http://emma-watson.net/

An advertisement


Photo credits: http://www.watsonportal.net/gallery/

Do any of you own any LancΓ΄me products? I don’t have any yet but I’m planning to get the Midnight TrΓ©sor perfume with the money that I have made during the Christmas holidays. It smells delicious! The lipstick and nailpolish look pretty by the way, what do you guys think of it?


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