Ed Sheeran will be attending Rock Werchter this Summer!


This Friday Ed Sheeran at MNM confirmed that he will be attending Rock Werchter and at The Voice van Vlaanderen + Rock Werchter on Twitter it has been confirmed that he will be performing on the 1st of July. I purchased my tickets already! I will take every chance to see him live because he is just amazing live.

For more information, just keep an eye onΒ http://rockwerchter.be/en/

It’s also fun that Florence and The Machine, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Milow are coming so far that same day.

Anyone else planning to attend Rock Werchter this year? I have been at Rock Werchter before but that was some years ago, will be fun to attend it again.

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The showcase of Ed Sheeran and the meet & greet at MNM was a-mazing!

A lot of people wanted me to write a report of my day when I went to the exclusive showcase of Ed Sheeran and the meet & greet at MNM which I was planning to do anyway so here it is! Photos are taken by me so please don’t take any photos without permission ;-)


Ed Sheeran arriving at the MNM studios

The day before, the VRT called me that they would call me tomorrow morning (24th feb) and that they would ask me what I would wear to the showcase of Ed Sheeran.

Then it was THE day! Woke up a little bit before 8AM, then I got a call before I would be on air on radio MNM, they were saying that I would be on air soon with Tom who who was doing the morning show to have a little chat with him about Ed Sheeran’s showcase. A few minutes later I was live on the radio and I said that I was going to wear a black t-shirt with Ed Sheeran’s name on it and a cat paw. Tom asked me what I liked most about Ed’s body, I was like ehm his sixpack? Haha, I know that he doesn’t really have a sixpack but he has a good-looking body anyway, I rather preferred that they had asked me which part of his body I liked most because then I would have said his ginger hair, freckles and blue-green eyes. Then as last, he posed me the funny question, what does Ed Sheeran that I don’t have? I was like well, freckles and red hair and he replied with but well, I have freckles too, you’ll see that when you’ll see me at the MNM studio, haha and then we said bye bye over the phone.

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