My sweet November in pictures

So November was a pretty hectic but awesome month, I won’t explain it too much in details since pictures usually do the talking or explain most of it already. Here we go.


November 1st: Seeing Ed Sheeran at Madison Square Garden in New York.



(Photo credits go to whoever took this photo)


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Looking for good music? Check out Passenger/Mike Rosenberg!

MikeRosenbergPhoto made by me

British solo acoustic/folk singer/songwriter Mike Rosenberg, who goes by the moniker of his old band, Passenger, has charmed the socks off Australia in recent years. In the last couple of years he’s gravitated to Australian shores, touring and recording with the the absolute cream of Australian popular.
He was one of the support acts of Ed Sheeran’s European Tour, the singer is called Mike Rosenberg and I thought he deserves more recognition. In Australia, his recent album “All The Little Lights” was on number 2 on iTunes, let’s get him to number one and let’s Europe get to know him better! He really deserves more attention, this musician prooves that there is still some real music out there. He has so much pure, raw talent and such a beautiful, soothing voice.

Now, let’s music speak words, here are some of my favourites from him.

“I Hate”

You simply have to listen to this song, the lyrics are genius!


Well, I hate racist blokes telling tasteless jokes and explaining where people belong.
I hate ignorant folks who pay money to see gigs, then talk through every fucking song.
I hate people in nightclubs snorting coke, and explaining where you’re going wrong.
Well, if you agree, come hating with me, or feel free to sing along.

And it goes la la la…

And I hate pointless status updates on Facebook, FYI; we were never �M8’s.
We pretend to be friends on the internet when, in real life we have nothing to say
to each other.
Oh brother, I’ve love for my mother, for good times, for music, and my mates.
Yeah I love and I live and I have love to give, but sometimes all you can do is hate.

And it goes la la la…

Well, I hate them fussy eaters, you cook them fajitas, they only eat pizza and chips.
I hate stepping outside for a smoke and some guy coughs, like your lungs are his.
And I hate queuing up for festival toilets, especially when you need a shit.
And I hate the X Factor for murdering music, you bunch of money-grubbing pricks.

And it goes la la la…

And I hate them magazines aimed at insecure teens, they make 10-year-olds race to grow up.
Hey kids, let’s all be anorexic or better, eat chocolate �til you throw up.
Keep your Hollywood stars and their stupid cars and their botox that makes them look fucked.
Just grow old with grace — have you seen Cher’s face? It looks like it’s been hit by a truck.

And it goes la la la…
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Ed Sheeran, Nina Nesbitt and Mike/Passenger in Brussels, Belgium – 11/03/2012

Last Sunday was the day that I was looking forward so much, it was time for Ed Sheeran’s show in Brussels, Belgium! Besides him, there were 2 great support acts coming along namely Nina Nesbitt and Passenger/Mike (his real name). I talked about Nina Nesbitt before hereΒ , in short she is a 17 year old Scottish singer/songwriter with Swedish roots. Then Passenger or his real name is Mike is a great musician as well, he has a lot of experience already but he really deserves more recognisition I find. I believe he is almost 27 now. For my part, he could sing longer than 30 min. I enjoyed it so much and really got touched by his songs. I purchased his most recent album “All The Little Lights” on iTunes and it’s so beautiful. I’m also planning to purchase his previous albums. My favourite songs from his most recent album are “Things That Stop You Dreaming”, “Let Her Go”, “Keep On Walking”, “Life’s For The Living”, “Holes”, “Feather On The Clyde” and “I Hate”. Others songs from him that I like are “Golden Thread”, “My Heart’s On Fire” and “Fairytales & Firesides”. Mike is from Australia by the way. Β Really give it a try and listen to his music if you love music that has a lot of meaning in the songs, he puts so much feelings in his songs. Love it. Really hope that he will come back again to Belgium this year and the same goes to Nina Nesbitt, she was wonderful as well. She will release her next EP called The Apple Tree in April 2012.


Let’s start with how the day started.


I met up with the girl that is the head of the Ed Sheeran Belgium fanpage and together we walked to Brussels Central station and we met up with other fans who came all the way from Amsterdam. Later on we also met her sister. A little bit later another fan came along with us. Then after we had a drink at Starbucks we went to the hotel of the Dutch girls so that they could drop off their luggage. Before that we pretended to be tourists by making a group photo in front of Manneke Pis (the peeing guy) haha.

Ed’s tourbus

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